April 3, 2018

More White Mountain Poems

White Mountain Poems contains 41 poems and 28 large-format color photographs of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Printed on top-quality, heavy-weight glossy paper, this gift and keepsake evokes the charm, wonder and spectacle that draw people to New England’s highest peaks. The poems and photographs combine to capture the solemn and majestic nature of the landscape, while they celebrate the mountains’ many inspiring attributes.

Jeffrey Zygmont composes poetry to appeal to a wide, general audience. He depicts scenes, images, activities and experiences that resonate with ordinary people. He uses traditional poetic structures in the service of  vibrantly expressive, descriptive language. The poetry in White Mountain Poems is written in the New England tradition of the poet Robert Frost, who turned insights and impressions into inspiring verse about the region’s rustic and rural character.

The book’s captivating photographs – by noted New England nature photographers Garrett Evans, Ed Harrigan, Jim Salge and Jeff Sinon – capture the beauty, grace and majesty of the White Mountains.

White Mountain Poems is a 54-page, hardcover art book measuring 8½ by 8½ inches. Distinguished by its lavish photographs and artful design, the book is a valuable gift and lasting keepsake that will be appreciated both for its rich, vibrant photography and for its descriptive poetry that appeals to a wide audience.

Hardcover $19.95