April 3, 2018

Ad Man

A preview of history

Gab Darby is filled with nobility in a future age when nobility has no value. At least none that’s officially recognized.

That national deficiency doesn’t matter while Darby reigns as a superstar in the Disneyfied America that exists thirty-five years from today. But he tumbles after the president accuses him of treason. The president is lying. Still, Darby must flee for survival. He is tagged by surveillance cams, cornered by a thug lawyer, rescued by his housekeeper, and finally smuggled to a jungle country called Bortinca.

The new country offers a second chance for the fallen idol. But Bortinca is at war with America. Therefore Darby must fight against his former homeland as he strives to reclaim his self-worth. To succeed, he must discover that honor and nobility are personal traits, not just titles attached to celebrity in the United States.

Ad Man in the Games of 2046 is social commentary that shows a future America that has stripped cultural institutions of any high purpose or meaning. Working class people speak a crude dialect that segregates them from the ruling elite. America’s unionized military engages in eco-colonialism. Driving is outlawed, but roads remain crowded.

Within that degenerate world, the novel shows how one person’s fundamental humanity asserts itself above tyrants who would enslave him.

Paperback $11.99