The Dropout

The Dropout  



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I am Bill Gates' Dog

Laughter that bites


We once knew Bill Gates as a plundering businessman who became the richest guy alive. Today he's a noisy philanthropist.


Let's pretend that, inbetween those two identities, billionaire Bill Gates runs a secret campaign to buff up his public image. Then let's pretend that some invading canines interrupt his plot to manipulate public opinion.


It's a mess. Gates schemes above. The dogs battle below. These canines have ambitions too, you see. Each yearns to become Bill Gates' Dog, so each slyly maneuvers to undercut his kennel-mates and win the prize. Only one noble pooch deserves it. But he's just a mutt. His rivals are highfalutin aristocrats who slap down the no-status mongrel.


But remember, Bill Gates rules the kennel. Surprises arise when his whims distort the dreams and schemes of every creature beneath him.


The novel I Am Bill Gates' Dog is rollicking fiction that entertains and amuses while it stabs at cunning ambition. Concise and kinetic, the book swivels with plot twists and sudden revelations as it dashes to a boisterous climax. The novel enlightens you with its satire, because it grabs you as a comical, adventurous tale.


Paperback $11.99 Kindle ebook $1.99 Nook ebook $1.99

I am Bill Gates' Dog

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Ad Man in the games of 2046

A preview of history


Gab Darby is filled with nobility in a future age when nobility has no value. At least none that's officially recognized.


That national deficiency doesn't matter while Darby reigns as a superstar in the Disneyfied America that exists thirty-five years from today. But he tumbles after the president accuses him of treason. The president is lying. Still, Darby must flee for survival. He is tagged by surveillance cams, cornered by a thug lawyer, rescued by his housekeeper, and finally smuggled to a jungle country called Bortinca.


The new country offers a second chance for the fallen idol. But Bortinca is at war with America. Therefore Darby must fight against his former homeland as he strives to reclaim his self-worth. To succeed, he must discover that honor and nobility are personal traits, not just titles attached to celebrity in the United States.


Ad Man in the Games of 2046 is social commentary that shows a future America that has stripped cultural institutions of any high purpose or meaning. Working class people speak a crude dialect that segregates them from the ruling elite. America’s unionized military engages in eco-colonialism. Driving is outlawed, but roads remain crowded.


Within that degenerate world, the novel shows how one person’s fundamental humanity asserts itself above tyrants who would enslave him.


Paperback $11.99

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The Dropout

Falling toward redemption


As a school psychologist, Daniel Hectorman has lost all faith and confidence that meddling therapists like himself really help anyone at all.


That's too bad, because Hectorman could use some counseling of his own. His marriage is starved. His job is imperiled. His parents are deep in decline, with his mom shrunk by Alzheimer’s and his father enraged and suicidal. Even Hectorman's doting secretary, Mrs. Tweed, has gone batty.


Then there's this kid. Trevor Winkle is a fourteen-year-old sharpie foisted on Hectorman by a vampy old flame who insists that the boy is his son. Hectorman knows he is not.


But the boy is redeeming. Clever, industrious, unselfish and oddly sedate, he could open a path for Hectorman, if only the psychologist didn't reject Trevor so relentlessly.


Humorous and insightful, The Dropout is a novel about repairing human connections. As characters collide and careen, Daniel Hectorman must recognize that to end his travails he must embrace people he once strenuously neglected. That can begin as casually as conversation over one good meal.


Paperback $12.95

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The Dropout






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White Mountain Poems


White Mountain Poems is a 64-page art book presenting 41 new poems and 28 large-format color photographs of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Printed on top-quality, heavy-weight glossy paper, the hardcover book measures 8.5 by 8.5 inches square. It is a gift and keepsake item that will be appreciated both for its rich, vibrant photography and for its descriptive poetry that is written to appeal to a wide audience.


Jeffrey Zygmont's poetry is written in the New England tradition of Robert Frost, based on walks the woods to collect insights and impressions that he turns into rhythmic verse. His poems are recognized for their vibrantly expressive, descriptive quality.

Hardcover $14.99

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The Dropout